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Hi, I'm Ruchira Hasaranga from Sri Lanka. This is the place where you can see all most of the stuff I've done! Do not look for me on fakebook or any other social media sites. (except youtube)

Any questions? mail to: or you can ask. (IRC channel: irc://

Founder Of : CrownSoft Inc , 📡👽.ws and Taskmod
Current Blog : Simple Blog or
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Old Blog (dedicated to Fast Killer) :
Themes For Openbox S9 Satellite Reciever:
Skinnable GUI Framework : , mirror
(lice engine tips: Justin Frankel , web design: Fernando Augusto Birck)
Winamp DSP Plug-In : or mirror
Akash Player (uses WASABI+COM like framework) : AKASH_Player.rar (wasabi tips: Brennan Underwood)
NOW Player (Shiny GUI) : Visit Page
Private Servers: Virtual Private Server 1 (New York) , Virtual Private Server 2 (Singapore)
Radio Services: Mandaram Radio, Light Media Networks, Music Discovery Service
Books: Understanding The Code(not completed yet, I'm lazy...), Random Excerpts
Misc: Bookmarks, R8 CPU, Nokia N9 Tips, Code Dump, Tintin PDF, Depth Map Extractor

Business Applications : Rep Data Management System for Siddalepa company, Stock Management System for Alocias Jewellery

Music : nucos theme.mp3 , free way.mp3 , lonely temple.mp3 , waiting for mom.mp3 , Sound Cloud Profile
Videos: Youtube Channel

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