R8 Processor


R8 is an experimental 8bit cisc processor which is written using verilog. The verilog design uses behaviour modeling.
Hardware was synthesized on Altera FPGA (WXEDA v2 Board and WaveShare Core EP4CE6 Board).

(Following files are released under the MIT license.)

Download CPU Source

Full System For WXEDA v2 Board  (Quartus Prime Project Files)

Instruction Set (ISA):

	reading: mov1 ax, addr
	writing: mov2 addr, ax
    		 mov3 addr, value
   flow control: jmp1 addr
   		 je addr
   		 jne addr
   		 jl addr 
   		 jle addr
   		 jg addr
   		 jge addr
     arithmetic: inc ax
     		 cmp ax, value

Device Interface:

Example Blink Program:

     mov3 04h 00h, 01h	  ; write 1 into R8LED (device4)
     mov3 03h 00h, 00h	  ; write to R8Delay (device3)
     mov3 04h 00h, 00h	  ; write 0 into R8LED
     mov3 03h 00h, 00h	  ; write to R8Delay
     jmp1 01h 00h         ; jump to start

Assembled Program (19 bytes):

     03 04 00 01
     03 03 00 00
     03 04 00 00
     03 03 00 00
     04 01 00

Synthesized on Altera EP4CE6 Core Board:

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